Crassula Succulent knew to be one of the favorite collections in the world of cactuses and succulents with its various species.

Who can say no to a striking feature of Crassula Succulent? Succulent lovers can’t get enough of this succulent because of its appealing looks—this type of succulent will stand out in any space, especially in your home or office.

Crassula Succulent: Overview

Crassula Succulent is native to South Africa. It mostly has shades of yellow, red, and orange and is known to have over 200 varieties in a diverse genus of succulent plants.

This succulent has two main features; Crassula Succulent can exhibit a stacking habit or a branching habit; it depends on its species.

Aside from bright color leaves, Crassula Succulent are low-maintenance plants, but few need some special treatment to grow beautifully.

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Crassula Succulent Infographic

What are the Different Types of Crassula Succulent?

This article will help you decide what types of Crassula Succulents are suited to your home. If you do not know what kinds of Crassula Succulent you currently have, this article will help you identify them.

There are different types of Crassula you can choose from that native to many parts of the globe. Here are the different types of crassula succulents:

1. Crassula Ammophila

Sedum Versadense

Because of its tight branched succulent shrub, Crassula Ammophila is one of the eye-catchers when you have it in your garden. Its branches are fragile, and its leaves are fleshy in green to greyish with a touch of brown color with coarse recurved hair.

This type of Crassula Succulent can grow up to 80 cm tall. During spring, you can witness the flowering of this type of Crassula. Like the other succulents, growing a Crassula Ammophila prefers full sunlight to partial shade.

2. Crassula Buddha’s Temple

Crassula Buddha's Temple

If you are a person who loves succulents, this type of Crassula Succulent might be one of your favorites! Crassula Buddha’s Temple is very popular because of its layered, densely stacked leaves that form a column that has a square shape.

This type of Crassula can grow up to 15cm tall and 4cm wide. You can see the beauty of its flower blooming with a pink to nearly white color during summer and spring.

3. Crassula Corallina

Crassula Corallina

This type of Crassula Succulent can give your garden an under the sea vibe. Its main feature is its coral-like and fleshy leaves; many succulent collectors adore this type of Crassula Succulent.

Crassula Corallina can grow up to 8cm long. Like any other succulents, you can witness its flowering during spring to mid-summer. Crassula Corallina’s flower has a white or dirty white color.

4. Crassula Fascicularis (Fragrant Crassula)

Crassula Fascicularis

“Crassula fascicularis,” commonly known as Fragrant Crassula, has leaves that are usually lance-shaped in green color, and along the margin, it has tiny hairs. This type of Crassula Succulent can grow up to 40 cm tall.

Just like the other kinds of Crassula Succulent, Crassula Fascicularis also have a flower. It is called Fragrant Crassula because of its sweet-scented white blooms that everyone can enjoy during spring to early summer.

5. Crassula Hirtipes (Hedgehog Stonecrop)

Crassula Hirtipes

Do you like strawberries? If you do, then you’ll love this type of Succulent. Crassula Hirtipes is very popular because of its strawberry-like feature. It looks like a small strawberry with a combination of red and green leaves.

This type of Crassula can grow up to 15 cm in diameter and has flowers with a yellow to cream color. You can enjoy the blooming of its flower from late winter to early spring.

6. Crassula Lanuginosa

Crassula Lanuginosa

Crassula Lanuginosa is one of the different types of Crassula Succulent, with leaves in green color, and the whole plant has a hair-like covering. This succulent can grow up to 15 cm long. It also produces a white flower that you can witness blooming during the season of early summer.

7. Crassula Macowaniana

Crassula Macowaniana

This plant’s name is very historical; the word “Macowaniana” honors the South African botanist Peter MAcOwan. You’ll love this type of Crassula Succulent because it is best known for having fleshy and less pointed leaves. Its leaves are grey-green with a touch of reddish-brown.

This type of Crassula Succulent can grow up to 6cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Like other kinds of Crassula Succulent, Crassula Macowaniana produce a white flower with a pink color that appears during summer.

8. Crassula Pruinosa

Crassula Pruinosa

If you are a person who loves succulents with many flowers, this type of Crassula Succulent will suit you. It has thick branches and leaves that are lance-shaped and coated with appressed hairs. It can grow up to 20 cm tall, and during summer, anyone can enjoy its bunched flowers that are white.

9. Crassula Ovata (Jade Plant)

Crassula Ovata

Crassula Ovata came from the Latin word “Ovatus” with the meaning of “egg-shaped.” This type of Crassula Succulent has leaves that are shiny green with a red color edge. Crassula Ovata usually grows up to 2.5 cm tall. It has a pretty white star-shaped flower that appears during the winter season.

10. Crassula Rupestris (Rosary Vine)

Crassula Rupestris

The word “Rupestris” came from the Latin word that has the meaning of “rocky or found on rocks.” Just like where it originates, this type of Crassula Succulent attracts the eye of every individual. With its leaves that are in brownish-red color, you’ll surely enjoy the view of your garden if you have this type of Crassula.

It can grow up to 50cm tall, and just like any other kind of Crassula Succulent, its flower is small, star-shaped, and usually in a white or pinkish color that appears during winter to spring.

11. Crassula Spathulata (Spathula-leaf Crassula)

Crassula Spathulata

This type of Crassula Succulent has a bunch of leaves that has a shape like a spatula. They are usually in green color, but you can also see some Crassula Spathulata in yellowish color.

It can grow up to 3.5 cm long and 2.5 wide. From犀利士
summer to fall, you see its flower, which is star-shaped and white.

Crassula Succulent is common in any part of the globe. Suppose you are one of those individuals who do not yet have their Crassula Succulent at their garden; well, this the time that you must own one. Since we already distinguished the different types of Crassula Succulent, you can now decide which one of them to grow at your own home. With genuine care to it, you will surely succeed in caring for this succulent.


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