Succulents like the Black Prince Echeveria are sensitive when it comes to the soil they need to grow. Not all kinds of soil are suitable for growing the Black Prince Echeveria.

When you wrongly chose the soil you used for your succulents, it might kill the plant. That is why you need to meticulously select or make the appropriate soil for your Black Prince Echeveria. This article will help and show you how to make a DIY soil mix for succulent Black Prince.

The Best Soil for Black Prince Echeveria

The Best Soil for Black Prince Echeveria Infographic

Some gardeners used commercial cactus or succulent potting mix, which is not a bad idea. But some of those commercial soil mixes have light sand and holds more water which is not suitable for Black Prince Echeveria. So, an excellent succulent soil mix should have the following components:

1. The Black Prince Echeveria soil should be well-drainingBlack Prince Echeveria must not be combined with damp soil because it might cause death to your plant. Most succulents prefer soil that drains water well and quickly. That is why it is best to use grainy and loose soil.

2. The Black Prince Echeveria soil must have good aeration. For the roots to grow, it needs to have some space to breathe to help the roots absorb nutrients so the whole Black Prince Echeveria will grow healthy.

3. The Black Prince Echeveria needs non-compacting and breathable soil. Using compact soil will not help your succulent roots; it will only retain moisture for a long time and will not provide enough space for the roots to breathe. So, it necessary to use non-compacting soil.

4. The Black Prince Echeveria does not need excessive soil nutrients. Excessive nutrients in succulent soil might lead to brittle and lanky plants, mainly when the soil contains too much nitrogen. 

Take note also that good soil accomplishes three essential tasks for the Black Prince Echeveria.

1. It supplies nutrients to the plant, such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

2. It helps the roots to dig in and gives stability.

3. It absorbs water and makes moisture to help the Black Prince Echeveria grow.

Benefits of Making Your Own Black Prince Echeveria Soil Mix

There are two main benefits to making your succulent potting mix. First, it is cheaper than buying commercial products, and second, you control the ingredients you are putting through your potting mix. Making a potting mix for succulents is also not expensive and will surely save you money. 

Ingredients for DIY Black Prince Echeveria Soil Mix

In making your own Black Prince Echeveria succulent potting mix, you need the following three ingredients, which you can easily find at a garden center or plant store. 

All-Purpose Potting Soil All-Purpose Potting Soil This ingredient is a natural potting mix that enhanced myco-tone. It also improves moisture retention and promotes root growth. In choosing what brand of all-purpose potting soil to use, you can use any kind but avoid those which contain vermiculite or any moisture control potting mix that retains water. Remember that Black Prince Echeveria needs well-draining potting soil and not the ones that hold moisture. Do not also use heavy garden soil; utilize light, porous soil as your base instead.

Coarse Sand or TurfaceCoarse Sand or Turface – Coarse sand is natural earth sand that is rough in texture. This ingredient gives warmth to the plant and helps avoid root rotting. Turface is a calcined clay and the best additive for soil mixes. Black Prince Echeveria prefers porous sandy potting soil, so it is necessary to add sand to your succulent potting mix. Take note as well that not all types of sand are suitable to use for your potting mix. Like the ones that come from the garden, sandbox, or beach, some sand contains bacteria that might be transferred to your plant if used. It is way better to use coarse sand to ensure fast drainage for the Black Prince Echeveria. If coarse sand is not available, you can use turface as a substitute, either of the two will do.

Perlite or PumicePerlite or Pumice – These ingredients are natural stones that help loosen heavy soil and provide small air pockets to the plant to promote water drainage and root growth. Adding perlite or pumice to your succulent potting mix will prevent soil compaction and gives better drainage for your plant, which most succulents prefer.

Other Supplies You Need

Other than the potting mix ingredients, you will also need the following tools.

  •  Measuring container
  •  Container for mixing
  •  Trowel 
  •  Hand gloves

How to Mix Potting Soil for Black Prince Echeveria

How to Mix Potting Soil for Black Prince Echeveria

Mixing you’re your own Black Prince Echeveria soil mix is easy. You need to follow the recipe and the steps below.

  1.  Three parts potting soil
  2.  Two parts coarse sand or surface
  3.  One part perlite or pumice

(you can add ½ – 1 part more sand and perlite for extra drainage)

What is “part”? It is a generic unit of measure to use for your potting mix ratio. If you are not familiar with this measurement, you can use any amount you want as long as it is equivalent for each “part.”

When every element is ready, you can now mix the ingredients. Prepare a mixing container, then pour every component on it. Using a trowel or your hands, stir it all and make sure that the ingredients are evenly mixed. Then your own Black Prince Echeveria soil mix is ready to use. 

Storing Your Leftover DIY Soil Mix

Storing Your Leftover DIY Soil Mix

The good thing about making your own Black Prince Echeveria soil mix is that you can make up a big batch and store the leftover later. Store your soil mix in an air-tight container or bucket-sealing lids to avoid bugs from getting into your soil mix. You can place your soil mix in your garage, basement, or anywhere you want as long as it is safe from getting wet. Another thing is that you can use your soil mix just for grown Black Prince Echeveria but also for propagation. It will save you a lot of money.

*If in case you do not want to get dirty and make your own Black Prince Echeveria potting soil mix, you can refer to the following commercial cacti mixes.

  • Black Gold Cactus Mix by Sun Gro Horticulture – It is a usual succulent mix that contains organic and inorganic ingredients that provide enough drainage for your plant.
  •  Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Gritty Mix is a cacti soil mix with no organic matter and retains no water. 

The information above is all you need to know in making your succulent mix. Black Prince Echeveria is somewhat a picky plant, like most succulents, so you need to choose or make your soil mix. It is necessary to take note that not every soil will be beneficial for your Black Prince Echeveria. So, choose wisely.


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