Low-maintenance houseplants are what we are looking for if we have minimal free time. Are you a person who loves plants but finds it hard to make time caring for them? Usually, one of a plant lover’s dilemmas is their lack of time to take care of their houseplants because of their busy schedule.

Luckily, many plants don’t require a lot of attention and are proven to be the best low-maintenance houseplants.

Here are the best low-maintenance houseplants that you might consider putting in your homes.

Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Low Maintenance Houseplants

ZZ Plant

Low-maintenance ZZPlant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, popularly called the ZZ plant, is a favorite houseplant because of its broad, attractive, dark green leaves that make it perfect for adding beauty to the office and house spaces. It has waxy and smooth leaves that reflect sunlight that will surely brighten your mood. 

The ZZ plant is known to be one of the low maintenance houseplants because it tolerates drought, low-light conditions and can live on neglect. 

One of the significant drawbacks of this houseplant is that all parts of this plant are poisonous. It is best to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Snake Plant

Low-maintenance Snake Plant

When you talk about low-maintenance houseplants, the snake plant will always be on the list. The snake plant can tolerate almost all environmental conditions. So, if you have no time to take care of plants, the snake plant is an excellent option for your home.

Aside from being a low maintenance plant, the snake plant also has a striking appearance that can add beauty to any space in your home or office. 

There are around 70 different snake plant species worldwide, and all with striking looks and colors, you can choose from the different varieties.

Jade Plant

Low-maintenance Jade Plant

The jade plants are not complicated to care for and are also considered low maintenance houseplants. They are often seen indoors and in offices because they are supposed to bring good luck. They are not demanding and only require watering when the topsoil is dry.

The Jade plant is usually admired by many because of its thick, waxy, dark green leaves that bring vibrant colors to the table’s top. However, they need to receive the right amount of sunlight every once to prevent them from becoming leggy. 



Caring for Philodendrons is very easy. They can adapt quickly to the conditions indoors. These low-maintenance houseplants need bright and indirect sunlight; therefore, placing them near the windows is admissible. 

Philodendrons love moisture. Watering them when the topsoil is dry is recommended. However, if you notice the leaves to be droopy, it means that your philodendron is not getting enough water.

Philodendron houseplants are often mixed up with pothos plants because of their almost the same resemblance. However, both of them are adorable and attractive on their own. Picking any of the two is a great choice either way because they are both low-maintenance houseplants. 


Aloe Vera

The aloe plant is an attractive and undemanding plant that makes for a great indoor companion. Aside from being an air purifier houseplant, aloe vera is a useful tool for our health. The leaves’ liquid sap does relieve pains and burns when applied topically to our body. And as we all know, aloe vera plants are also popularly used in beauty products.

Aloes are low maintenance houseplants because they can live under any environmental conditions. They can be grown indoors and also outdoors. Aloes thrive and proliferate when ignored.

Cactus Plant


When looking for low-maintenance houseplants that are also ornamental, the Cactus plant is first listed. The cactus plant has a striking and unique look that can add interest to your living space.

If you fail to have a gardener’s hand, the cactus is an excellent choice for you to grow as it only needs little care and can survive neglect.

The native habitat of cacti is in the desert; therefore, they have the remarkable ability to survive drought. However, they also need water every once in a while, just like the other plants.



The pothos plants are also low maintenance houseplants, and they are perfect in the bedroom, living area, office, kitchen area, and even in the bathroom.

They can quickly adapt to any environmental conditions. They can be planted on soil and even on vases with water. Pothos also comes in a striking color. Placing them in your home is a great way to add color to your spaces.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

The rubber plant trees are also low maintenance houseplants. They adapt better indoors as long as it is in a bright area. Rubber plants also come in different variations of colors. If you have a vast space in your home, putting a rubber plant could give your home a relaxing tropical vibe.

The rubber plant prefers moisture; thus, it needs the right balance of water. You can also wash off the leaves with a damp cloth to maintain the bright color and remove the dust on the leaves of your rubber plant tree.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Named after their spider-like leaves, the spider plants are a great addition to your low-maintenance houseplants. Spider plants are undemanding and adaptable. Some plant owners usually preferred it on hanging baskets or tabletop. This plant is attractive because of its brightly colored leaves that dangle down from its core.

Caring for a spider plant is very easy. They can give you their best look without exerting a lot of effort caring for them. They can be placed on any part of the house and provide enough water, and they are good to go.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

A plant that can add serenity and calmness to your home and office, the peace lily is on the top list. Plant Lily is an adaptable and undemanding plant for beginners. This plant is an excellent choice for your low-maintenance houseplants and can truly add beauty to your spaces. It bears white flowers that resemble those of the calla lily.

This tropical shade-loving plant cleanses the air in our home. Their resiliency and forgiving nature make them popular low-maintenance houseplants.


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